About Madans Global

Madanes Global is the international division of Madanes Group, focused on providing reinsurers, insurers and corporate clients from all around the world, with services in the fields of:

Our uniqueness and specialty are in providing full comprehensive and holistic solutions tailored made to the client's needs based on our core competences, which are driven from four decades of experience:

Strong brand name and reputation among insurers and reinsurers

Madanes demonstrate to its partners over the years, its abilities to execute creative and novel insurance plans and to service their current businesses in the highest standards.

Top level experienced management and professional team

Our team of 400 highly skilled professionals includes underwriters, actuaries, Physicians, nurses, lawyers, accountants and claim managers.

Advanced IT systems

We invest substantial resources on our IT systems in order to be able to provide our partners the highest level of service and the insights which evolve from the big data accumulated.

4 decades of experience

Madanes handle around 80,000 medical and medical liability claims each year. We have huge knowledge about administration of medical services, claims handling and medical risk management.