Medical / Health Insurance

Madanes specialize in developing medical insurance programs for insurers all around the world. We tailor the cover to the needs of the insurer and its clients both on facultative or treaty base.

The covers can vary from specific medical risk and up to broad international covers and anything in between. We provide a holistic solution starting from reinsurance, actuary, underwriting, claims management and up to training of the insurers' sales and administration teams.

Madanes is responsible for the creation of some of the leading medical insurance programs in the market, which include medical treatments abroad for local insureds in the best medical institutions in the world.

The most prestigious and wide medical insurance policy in the Russian market, that enable your employees to receive medical treatments in the best medical facilities in the world at the cost of a reasonable insurance premium.

The Problem

Critical diseases like cancer or cardiovascular and others trouble your employees constantly. Dealing with the unknown plus associated emotional and financial distress, harassing your employees and decrease their concentration on their work.
"Who will take care of me? Which hospital? Which Doctor? How will I pay for it? Am I being fraud?"

The Solution

What can you do to guarantee your employees peace of mind and improve their productivity at work?
Madanes empowers you to deliver to your employees: Medical insurance for treatments abroad by the best medical experts.
The insurance cost on average at the age of 40 approximately 200 USD per year.

Samples of Medical costs abroad:

Treatment Cost, USD
Chemotherapy Up to 30,000
Radiotherapy Up to 10,000
Hormone therapy Up to 10,000
Full cancer treatments   Up to 75,000
Major surgery Up to 100,000
Transplantology (liver) Up to 700,000


Benefits for the employee

The widest insurance cover on the market for cancer treatments, surgeries, transplants and related expenses for flight and accomodation in the country of treatment.
The insurance covers all the expenses – no out of pocket money for the employee Your employees will get access to the best medical services in the world. The best prof is survival rates of cancer patients treated in Russia compared to patients treated in other western countries hospitals:

Disease 5 years survival, West
5 years survival, Russia
Breast cancer 86% 57%
Prostate cancer 90% 32%
Colon cancer 67% 31%
Leukemia 83% 50%


We take care of all the administration (Visa, flights, transportation, accommodation, translation, etc.) We choose for the employee the best medical facility and physicians for his condition – he does not need to deal with professional dilemmas he does not understand.
No mediators involved - no commissions!
All the administrative services are done in Russian language - the employee travel abroad but feel at home The insurance companies in Russia Madanes works with are the leading insurers in the market.

Benefits for the Company

Peace of mind to the employee that will increase his work efficiency decreasing the sick days employees take Upgrading the loyalty of the employees to the company via really high value motivation Competitive advantage in recruiting new employees Fixed insurance premium expenses instead of uncertain donations of thousands of USD to sick employees Diversity of insurance programs tailored to the requirements of each company Several payment options with full or partial financing by the company or from the employee salary Reliable partners – local insurance company, service provider and reinsurer

The Insurance options

  • The cover: Oncology, surgeries, transplants
  • The insureds: Employees, family members
  • Underwriting: No underwriting for groups
  • Limits of liability: From 100,000 USD up to 10,000,000 USD
  • Territories of treatment: Israel, Europe, Worldwide
  • Supplementary covers: Second opinion, concierge, Substitution and Alternative treatments, rehabilitation, flight, accommodation