Long Term Care

Life expectancy in the world has significantly increased throughout the 20th century and continues even more intensely in the 21st century. Beyond the obvious positive effects, population aging has significant economic impacts on our lives, especially in the cases of chronic or geriatric diseases that are typical at eldery ages.

The high costs of long-term nursing support that can reach to thousands of dollars per month, expose the patients' families to significant financial burdens and risks. In order to alleviate the financial risk, long-term nursing care insurance was developed.

The insurance coverage provides policyholders with a monthly allowance that covers the costs of both at-home and in-hospital long-term nursing care, thus providing adequate care late in life, while easing financial burdens in the process.

Madanes has been engaged in the development of long-term nursing care insurance management for over 25 years. We currently cover over 700,000 people with long-term nursing care insurance, and manage 5,000 long-term nursing care claims a year.

Our unique knowledge and experience allows us to establish long-term nursing care insurance plans for insurance companies worldwide. We provide insurance companies with comprehensive service that includes reinsurance brokerage by one of the world's leading reinsurers, actuarial and underwriting services, claims management, operations and sales staff training and any additional services required to optimally execute insurance plans.